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Top left to right: Lettie Diffendorfer, Nellie Berger Peck, Velma Peck Mettlen, Arney Peck, John Mettlen, Tom Diffendorfer, Claude Kistler, ?, Avery Peck, J.Q. Fields, Thaddeus Kressly, Milford Vonada, Fred Reimer.

Middle left to right: ?, Mina…

Located in the Rosette Community north of Sylvan Grove.

Left to right: Maude, Lenius Frey, Father Conrad "Coon" Peck, Ina, Mother Lydia, Blanche (on Mother's lap), Mabel, Anne, Abner & Will. The two tall men in back were drilling a 300' water…

Interior of Rosette Church decorated for Christmas.

Rosette Store, north of Sylvan Grove, owned by George Schutt. Later became a blacksmith shop owned by Clyde Peck. Banner on store states, "George Schutt General Merchandise".
"Rosette Store" written on bottom of image

Standing, Left to right: Winnie, Jennie, Helen, Vernon, Lloyd, Leona, Lena.
Front left to right: Walter, Anne, Laura
"The Anne Kressly Family" written on bottom
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