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This photo of the Henry Heine residence and Sylvan Water Tower (near 4th & Illinois) was taken from the Eugene Cross home located to the north across old Highway 18.

Located in the Rosette Community north of Sylvan Grove.

Left to right: Maude, Lenius Frey, Father Conrad "Coon" Peck, Ina, Mother Lydia, Blanche (on Mother's lap), Mabel, Anne, Abner & Will. The two tall men in back were drilling a 300' water…

Wilson Family Home, one block east of Main St. (211 1st St.), Sylvan Grove, Kansas

Home of A.R. Buzick, Sylvan Grove, Kansas. Located on northwest corner of 2nd & Kentucky. Property was demolished in early 1960's.

Built in 1920 by Dr. Andreson, Sylvan Grove dentist. Address is 207 N. Kentucky Ave.
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