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Girls compete in a foot race at 1913 Field Day, Sylvan Grove School. "Field Day 1913, Sylvan Grove Schools." written on image.

The "Cozy" was Sylvan's community center for events such as basketball, roller skating, plays, commencement and movies. It served the town until 1961 when it was demolished. The folks in this photo took a break from roller skating to pose.

Dehler Billiard Parlor, Sylvan Grove, KS, owned by W.W. Dehler.

Back L-R: Henry Buzick, Mr. Pinney, Henry Meitler, Irv McAdams, Kirk Gladden, John Bowen

Middle: Alva Wilson, Elmer Tidball, Virgil Herman, James Bower, Will Bowen

Front: Hugo Buehring, Will Linder

Not sure if this is a town team or high…

Back row Left to Right: Henry Thrun, Bill Linder, Jim Wilson, Albert Mattson, Bill Dehler.

Middle: Coach Henry Buzick

Front row Left to Right: Fred Hinkson, Al Cloacfill, Harry Burger, Horace Williams

Back row Left to Right: Guy Vanscoy, Bill Linder, Hugh Bell, Ed Dalton, Jim Wilson, Fred Hinkson

Front row Left to Right: Bill Buzick, Henry Thrun, Harry Burger, Bill Dehler

Image has date 1912 for team. Also lists date 1902--1904.

Back Row L-R: Danny Smith, Kenny Hays, Bill Mayes (Tipton), Leslie Earl Peck, Ted Stuive, Delmar Vonada.

Front Row L-R: Ernie Kulich, Leon Hopkins (Lincoln), Howard Walter, Earl Bradgy (Glen Elder), Merle D. Burger (Lucas), Ortwin Fischer,…
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