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To the Members of Our Holstein Club
We wish to thank each and every member for their help, kindness and patience shown in the distribution of our grade Hol¬stein heifers that arrived last week.
Not one complaint was made by a member that he hadn’t…

Located on the southwest corner of Main Street, Rossville, Kansas

This picture of Peoples State Bank on Main Street in Rossville, Kansas, was taken on May 3, 1956.

Peoples State Bank was located on Main Street in Rossville, Kansas. Rossville Truck and Tractor Company is partially shown on the left side of the picture. The picture was taken September 20, 1961.

Mrs. Mary E. Vawter and Mr. Clarence Ernest (C.E.) Gresser worked at the Peoples State Bank in Rossville, Kansas. The bank was founded in 1909. Based on the calendar that shows January 1 being a Friday, this picture was probably taken in 1932.
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