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This modern school replaced the two-story brick building. It is located just south of the old school at 4th & Kentucky, Sylvan Grove.

Front of building, "Sylvan High School 1910"
Note bell and basketball goal on left. Writing on back of postcard: "This is my last day."

Writing on front of postcard "Sylvan Grove 1910"
Postcard of Sylvan High School to Miss Amanda Serrien, Iowa Park, Texas:
back of the postcard states:
Dear Friend, Must write you a line once again. Guess you thot (sic) I was dead. Are just…

Back L-R: Bob Henry?, Earl Vonada, AlvaTurner, Neal Ware, Coach Fred Appel.

Front L-R: Lewis Brichacek, Wendell Ware, Cleo Shaffer, Oscar "Jiggs" Meitler.

Early basketball team and coach. The Stoy Ware Drug Store and Behrhorst Bros. Hardware are in background. Basketball was played in the Cozy Theater, directly to the right (or south) of where the team photo was taken.

L-R: Frankie Rabas, Buford Geering, Clarence Diers, Ted Stuive, Preston Simpson, Zachery Taylor, Jesse Williams, Robert Behrhorst, Adolph Gier.

Coach: Allen Port

Back Left to Right: Lon Buzick, Preston Simpson, Coach Port, Dale Murray, Adolph "Cobbs" Gier.

Front Left to Right: (?) Shelkson, Paul Vonada, Clarence Diers, Richard Larsen.
1931 written on image.

Back row left to right: Paul Heine, Lon Buzick, Bill Mehl, Walter Stuive, Coach Haskell Holmes.

Front row left to right: Don Behrhorst, Bill Bennett, Marion Thorpe, Clifford Wohler.

Ball has written on it: "SHS 33"

Back Row L-R: Coach Joe Ortiz, Glen Ringler, Jr., Don Reinert, Merrill Nielsen, Larry Meitler, Jody Sigle, Coach Duane Jamison.

Front: Michael Williamson, Richard Geyer, Mickey Meyer, Alan Osterman, Marc Nielsen, Arthur Dohl.

Standing Left to Right: Sandy Holle and Shirley Chegwidden lead the cheers at a basketball tournament at Lincoln.
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