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"Harry and Elmer Burkholder. Harry standing on the ground by the tractor. Elmer on the platform. Harry made the frame, with Elmer's help they assembled the tractor. They made the top. Pictured at the left in front of the picture is August Fischer. In…

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"This car a second one assembled by Harry Burkholder around 1912 or 1913. The first one a single cylinder called a Pup Pup car assembled in the year 1907 or 1909. This car had hard tires, wheels a little large than the wheels on the buggy drawn by…

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"This is Harry Burkholder Garage. Was located near where the present fire house is now. Harry was a real good machinist. My dad, Elmer Burkholder to of him making plans for an airplane and had turbo jet motors in the back of his mind. He was a burned…
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