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Ladies dressed in their finest on Sylvan Grove's Main St., possibly during the County Fair.

L-R: Mr. Gregory, F.A. Gatewood and John Morgan won the auto race at the 1910 Lincoln County-Sylvan Grove Fair. One of the men reportedly fell out of the vehicle at a turn and wasn't missed until the race ended. The Loving Cup was presented to the…

10th Battalion Kansas State Guard Band marching in Lincoln County-Sylvan Grove Fair Parade

Cattle, horses and mules were shown by area stockmen at the 1916 County Fair.
"Stock Show, Sylvan Grove Fair 1916." Written on image.

Panoramic View of the 1915 Fair, Sylvan Grove, Kansas.
"Lincoln Co. Fair 1915. Sylvan Grove, Kan." written on bottom of image.

Entertainment took on many forms at the County Fair. Here spectators watch acrobats perform as the band provides music. Bands from surrounding towns each had their day to entertain, including the Fort Riley Army Band.
"Sylvan Fair" written on…

The County Fair in Sylvan Grove, Kansas, was an opportunity to dress in your Sunday best. These ladies are posed in front of one of the many stands at the Fair.

Sylvan High School Girls Basketball Team raised funds by operating a concession stand at the County Fair.
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