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Jim Ball's truck hauling a hog house to deliver for the lumber yard. The lumber yard is pictured on the right. On the left is the Elliot Hotel on the corner of 18th and L Streets in Belleville, Kansas.

Mareta Sanford visiting her grandparents, playing on the porch of their farm home, rural Belleville, circa 1923-1924.

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Ernie sanford with his sorrel team, Muck and Mort, on his farm south of Belleville, circa 1940.

Ernest Sandford, age 45, in overalls on his farm south of Belleville on Old Highway 81, 1940.

Elsie (Richards) Sanford and Matilda "Tillie" (Chapman) Sanford doing needlework on the front porch, south of Belleville on Old Highway 81, around 1940.
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