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Main Street Christian Church on the corner of Main and Elm. Notice the poles painted with white. This marked the route of the White Way. Auto tourists were encouraged to travel this route in order to build up the towns along the way.

Stockton High School - The Stockton High School building was completed in 1923, replacing the old Academy as the district high school. When the new high school was built just south of this building in 1955, it became the middle school. It served as…

Pecusa Conference Center - Overlooking Webster Reservoir, Pecusa Chapel was designed with glass on all four sides. The cross is 58 feet above the ground. construction of the chapel was made possible by a gift from the Churchwomen of the Episcopal…

Stockton Grade School - The Stockton Grade School was built in 1941 of native limestone and concrete. This WPA project was designed by H.E. Wheelock. This building is still (2008) used as the elementary school.

County Farm - Originally the Commercial House Hotel, the building was cut in half with one part being moved southwest of Stockton. It became the Rooks County Farm, a residence for the indigent, at a time when housing was furnished for them. The…

Fuller Music Co. - Lorenzo Sr. and Effie Fuller in their Fuller Music Co. car. In 1913 Lorenzo Fuller, a traveling musician, stopped in Stockton, KS seeking lodging in the home of Capt. Green, also a talented musical family who toured with him. He…

Harvest Time - 50 trucks filled with wheat line up on Cedar Street to unload at the local elevator. This picture was taken July 1, 1958 but it could have been taken many different years at harvest time.

Nova Theater - In 1932 the Nova Theater was one of the finest theaters in the area. Many generations have enjoyed going to the movies at the Nova. The Nova closed its doors in 1974 but in 1997, some local residents started the task of reopening the…

Wheat Wagons - Wagons of wheat being delivered to the Palco elevator sometime around 1910.

Store Front - The 1905 appearance of the Good Quality Department Store in Stockton when purchased by J.A. Maris. Individuals pictured above are as follow: L to R - Rae Maris, Dry Goods Manager, Cora Jones, Millinery Manager, Kate Walgren, Clyde…
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