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Historic Farm Photos


Historic farm photos taken in Republic County, Kansas.


Belleville Public Library

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William Naysmith Farm Home
William, Melsena, and May Eavon and James H. Naysmith on the William Naysmith farm.

William Naysmith Farm Home
William Naysmith farm home with George and Anna Golden.

Naysmith Family with Model T Ford
William Naysmith Family with 1916 Model T Ford, farm home in background.

Boys with Horse and Buggy
Victor Golden and J. H. Naysmith on Naysmith farm.

Original Naysmith Farm Home
Original farmhouse with Goldens & Naysmiths

Country Home
Farm home of Jim and Orpha Ball near Rydal, Kansas.

Ward Davidson with Team and Spreader
Ward Davidson with his team, Kate and Mollie, and new John Deere spreader, which cost $110.

Working Horses
Ward Davidson, with his daughter Ilene, working horses.

J. E. Ball Trucking (James Elvin Ball)
J.E. Ball Trucking, Belleville, KS. Picture taken at 6th & M Streets, looking southeast to fairgrounds. Photo shows 8-sided Floral Hall building and rock grandstand in background.

J. E. Ball Trucking
Jim Ball's truck hauling a hog house to deliver for the lumber yard. The lumber yard is pictured on the right. On the left is the Elliot Hotel on the corner of 18th and L Streets in Belleville, Kansas.
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