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Frank Fuller tells of a life in agriculture, highlighting changes and advancements in technology and his experiences in agribusiness.

Vic Perkins relates his experiences as City Clerk of Iola, his World War II experiences, and early school days in Iola.

Kendall and Shirley Ashford tell of their lives in Iola, Kansas, the early years of their marriage, Kendall's experiences in World War II, their involvement in community activities and Iola's past, present and future.

Spencer Ambler relates his experiences growing up African American in Southeast Kansas, his career with the U.S. Postal Service, and his service to Allen Community College.

Grace Myers reflects on her childhood, early years of marriage, and her life in Iola with physician husband, Eugene Myers.

SEK: This is your library system
Annual brochure described SEKLS services and statistics.

Trustee talk
Article written by the president of the Southeast Kansas Library System in the Spring 1967 issue of the Kansas Library Bulletin. The article details the purpose of systems, opposition, and looking to the future of the systems and system services.

SEKLS: Resource sharing pioneer
Article detailing services the Southeast Kansas Library System provides in an interview with Ray Willson, director at the time.

Southeast Kansas Library System demonstration project newsletter
Newsletter detailing progress on a regional library system demonstration project intended to show residents of southeast Kansas how a system would operate.

Notes from the final steps of establishing the Southeast Kansas Library System
Notes detailing the establishment of the Southeast Kansas Library System, including elected officials, missions and goals of the system, and libraries participating at its inception.
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